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By Dr. L.W. de Laurence

1913. at the back of the veil - the trance sleep embracing the beryl crystal, historic tools, transparent sight or the magnetic sleep, religious clairvoyance, astral appearances within the crystal, clairvoyance or common imaginative and prescient, hygienic clairvoyance and an evidence of phrases used.

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Coiled so as to symbolise the male triad, and the crescent, the emblem of the yoni. Fig. 12 accompanies the bull on certain coins, and symbolises the sexual elements, le baton et l’anneau. They were used, as the horse-shoe is now, as a charm against bad luck, or vicious demons or fairies. Fig. 13 is, like figure 5, from Sharpe’s Egyptian Mythology, p. 14, and is said to represent Isis, Nepthys, and Osiris; it is one of the many Mizraite triads. The Christian trinity is of Egyptian origin, and is as surely a pagan doctrine as the belief in heaven and hell, the existence of a devil, of archangels, angels, spirits and saints, martyrs sud virgins, intercessors in heaven, gods and demigods, and other forms of faith which deface the greater part of modem religions.

It will be observed that each serpent in the plate is apparently attacked by what we suppose is a dragon. , fierce lust, Eros, Cupid, or desire, which, both in the male and female, brings about the arrectation which the serpents figure. It is not to be passed by without notice, that the snake which represents the male has the tale curved as to suggest the idea of the second and third elements of the trinity. , darkness, night, Ahriman, etc. On the pyramidal portion of the gem the four sides are ornamented by figures—three represent animals remarkable for their salacity, and the fourth represents Bel and Ishtar in conjunction, in a fashion which can be more easily imagined than described in the mother tongue.

To his astonishment she pointed her thumb precisely in the manner adopted by the Assyrian priests; this surprised the young man still farther, and being, as it were, fascinated, he continued to gaze. The damsel then grasped the thumb by the other hand; thus indicating her profession. My friend, who was wholly inexperienced in the ways of the world, only understood what was meant when he saw my explanation of Fig. I. 5 readily be recognised; it is meant for Ouranos, or the Sun fructifying Terra, or the earth, by pouring from himself into her.

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