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It makes me too sad. Don’t ask me any more. I will cry into the ocean. It is essential that children’s relationships with animals are taken seriously by their parents, teachers, medical staff and veterinarians. Children and animals can suffer physically and emotionally in violent homes and may constantly live with the fear of abuse. Not only are these children more likely to abuse animals, there are long-term detrimental effects on having healthy relationships as adults. It has been found that adults who abused animals as children were more likely to accept corporal punishment and hitting wives as part of family life (Flynn, 1999).

G. The Links Group UK, The Linkage Project USA and First Strike campaigns by the Scotland SPCA and the Humane Society of the United States). Although many people believe there is a connection between animal and human abuse, among them veterinarians (Green and Gullone, 2005) and members of the public (Taylor and Signal, 2006), some researchers criticize a perceived lack of rigorous research to provide evidence of such a link (Beirne, 2004; Patterson-Kane and Piper, 2009). , 1999). Following this idea, people could start by abusing people and later harm animals.

2. The cruelty was filmed. 3. The perpetrators thought their actions were amusing. 4. The perpetrator had a history of violent crime. 5. People who heard details of the cruelty were emotionally upset. Can you think of any other points that stand out in this case? Animal Abuse and the Internet Animal abusers may use the Internet to search for scenes of animal abuse, to learn animal abuse techniques or to post footage and images of themselves abusing animals. This has led to arrests of the abusers in a number of cases.

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