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The Way of Peace

An unabridged variation to incorporate: the ability of Meditation - the 2 Masters, Self and fact - The Acquirement of non secular energy - the conclusion of Selfless Love - stepping into the limitless - Saints, Sages, and Saviors; the legislations of provider - the conclusion of excellent Peace

Practical palmistry

First a bit heritage in regards to the booklet. the instant this ebook got here out available in the market, it grew to become rapid bestseller. In fact,there is not anything to be stunned approximately it, because the very identify of Narayan Dutt Shrimali indicates mastery over the topic, and any ebook on palmistry or astrology written by way of him merits such reception by way of readers.

My Stairway to Subud

What are we residing for? what's the function of lifestyles? those questions arose within the brain of a 14-year-old schoolboy at a boarding tuition in wartime Britain. In pursuit of solutions he entered a stairway that lead him to the Quakers, then to the Vedanta philosophy, then directly to P. D. Ouspensky and the lessons of G.

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This is a society that delights in excessive luxury and pleasure. Really, do you know what their philosophy is? " Hedonistic pleasures. " Again, the whole idea is, they made an exchange. They know that God is there, but they no longer take God seriously. What is now serious to them is life. It is their suntan. It is a new house that they want. Forget God, forget the Word, forget tithing, forget offerings—forget all of that. What is important is now, and what I feel now, and what I need now. Hedonistic pleasures.

We're talking about a generation of people who are preoccupied with themselves. Muscle and Fitness. Flex. Runner. Fisher. Jogger. One magazine is called Self. New Woman. If you don't believe me, go and look. We have become a society that is totally hedonistic. We are passionately working to develop ourselves and cater to our own creature comforts. We have abandoned everything else for the sake of self. Selfishness in the Church This spirit of selfishness and self-centeredness today is not only in the world.

What alarms me more than anything else is that they are doing a better job at channeling demons than we currently are at channeling the Holy Spirit! Why? Because they are committed! They know there is a supernatural realm. Being completely deceived by doctrines of demons, they are reaching into that realm to make a contact. Unfortunately, they have plugged into a real power source; however, this source will kill them and lead them into the pit of hell itself. Kissing the Power Goodbye Meanwhile, the Church world sits around and says, "Do you actually think you were transported by the Spirit?

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