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By Donna Cunningham

Discarding the fatalism and boundaries of conventional event-oriented astrology, this ebook is characterised by means of its glossy, leading edge, and common sense technique. In transparent, unpretentious language, Ms. Cunningham explores the deeper meanings of the planets, homes, points, and transits, emphasizing self-understanding, own progress, and the significance of accepting accountability for oneself. She supplies the reader particular instruments to paintings with in making use of astrology to one's personal existence. This publication furthers the advance of a favorable, useful language with which historic astrological symbols might be understood in sleek phrases.

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A Moon in Aries person, on the other hand, places a high value on independence and has a very low tolerance for other people's dependency. Caretaking gets in the way of all those bright, shiny new projects they want to work on. Psychology teaches us that our attitude toward dependency in others and ourselves comes directly from our parents, particularly our mothers. If the parent dealt with dependency in a loving but balanced way—neither over-protective nor neglectful—then we will also be able to handle dependency appropriately.

A person with the Moon in Scorpio, for example, might have learned very early not to trust. The parent may have pretended concern and caring (even to the point of being overprotective), but there was often some other, less loving motivation behind it. Many times, the parent was manipulative and controlling, while pretending to have only the best interests of the child at heart. Thus, the child learned to be suspicious and, in self-defense, to second-guess others to discover their real motivations.

It has also become a convenient excuse for sloppy thinking or incompetence, as well as a socially acceptable reason for not showing up for commitments. Then too, it’s more dramatic to blame your mental vagaries on the stars than to confess that you’ve had a senior moment! It would be interesting to conduct a research project in which a roomful of people who are interested in astrology but are not astrology students are told that Mercury is 5 This section was based on segments published in my Astrology at Work column for Dell Horoscope Magazine over the years.

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