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This multidisciplinary quantity examines the cultural and social relevance of dream reports, taking a look at a variety of ways in which the sector can give a contribution to the answer of the fashionable West's so much troubling social concerns. The essays supply novel insights on schooling, sexual abuse, ecology, crime, race, gender, faith, politics, demise, and cross-cultural clash. The participants argue that the learn of desires delivers useful assets to regain a colourful, reliable experience of ethical and religious orientation in lifestyles.

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Other class activities included creating dream theater by enacting a dream, and drawing a response to her/his dream or to a dream told to the group. Sometimes the class would write about their dreamsdream the dream on (continue the story) or engage in an "active imagination," a dialogue with one of the dream figures. The students also wrote about their earliest memories, family stories, their own personal historiesthat is, the imaginal context of their lives and their dreams. To understand projection and our tendency to color what we see, a couple of classes were devoted to projective teststhe Rorschach and the TAT.

There is a realistic core to this concern because of our general cultural tendency to downplay the prevalence of sexual abuse and other trauma (Herman 1992). However, an added weight for Victoria was that we furthermore tend not to think of older women as having been sexually abused. Our culture is heavily sexualized but also obsessed with youth and beauty. Thus, older women are not considered sexual beings, and therefore, the possibility of them having been raped as children or young women eludes us.

As I listened to Rick telling his dream, I was startled by the remarkable similarity to the beginning of Dante's Divine Comedy. The next day I brought in a translation of the Divine Comedy. No one in the class had heard of Dante (although one girl said she had a friend named Dante, who, in fact, turned up in the second course). It was a marvelous moment (especially for Rick) when I read his dream and then the beginning of Dante's poem, and the class recognized the connection between the two, the connection between our dreams and great literature.

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