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By Franz Valery Marie Cumont

1922. Lectures added at Yale college at the Silliman beginning. the writer was once invited to lecture at New Haven through the month of March 1921 on a subject matter when it comes to spiritual heritage. He selected the guidelines present in Roman paganism about the lot of the soul after dying. Lectures integrated are: historic advent; after lifestyles within the tomb; the nether global; celestial immortality; successful of immortality; premature loss of life; trip to the past; sufferings of hell and metempsychosis; felicity of the blessed.

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En closed in the body as in a tomb, it runs the risk of corruption, even of perishing. Earthly existence is a hard voyage on the stormy waters of matter, which are perpetually rolling and surging. Thus a fundamental pessimism looked upon life here below as a trial and a chastisement a radical dualism placed the body in opposition to the divine essence residing in it. The con stant care of the sage was to keep his soul from pollution by its contact with the flesh. He abstained from meat and other foods which might corrupt it a series of tabus protected it against all contagion.

In the same way our organism lives, moves and thinks because is animated by a detached particle of this fiery principle which penetrates everything. As this principle reaches to the limits of the universe, so our soul occupies the whole body in which it lodges. , I, 4, 16. , I, 14, 6; II, 8, 11 ( air (XT-IT av no. rou 0eou). , anima inflammata) it is like the purest part of the air which maintains life by respiration, or the ardent ether which feeds the stars. This individual soul main ; and preserves man, as the soul of the world, by connecting various parts, saves it from disintegration.

22. Lehrs, Populare Aufs dtze aus dem Altertum, 1875, p. 349 Religious Experience of the Roman People, p. 382 ss. 86 ss. ; Fowler, HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION 33 life, show us the empire which the Neo-Stoicism of and the Neo-Pythagorism of his fellow-senator then exercised over his mind, saddened and disillusioned as he was, and show us too how he sought consolation for the private and public ills which were overwhelming him in the luminous doc period of his his master trine of a blissful survival.

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