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By Charles J. R. Williams, Dominic R. Kniveton

In comparison to many different areas of the realm, Africa is very prone to the consequences of weather switch and variability. frequent poverty, an in depth affliction burden and wallet of political instability around the continent has led to a low resilience and constrained adaptative ability of African society to weather comparable shocks and stresses. To compound this vulnerability, there is still huge wisdom gaps on African weather, manifestations of destiny weather switch and variability for the zone and the linked difficulties of weather swap affects. study as regards to African weather swap calls for an interdisciplinary strategy linking reviews of environmental, political and socio-economic spheres. during this ebook we use assorted case reports on weather switch and variability in Africa to demonstrate diversified ways to the research of weather switch in Africa from around the spectrum of actual, social and political sciences. In doing so we strive to spotlight a toolbox of methodologies (along with their boundaries and merits) that could be used to extra the knowledge of the affects of weather switch in Africa and therefore aid shape the foundation for innovations to negate the adverse implications of weather switch on society.

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The strength of the link however varies between zones. The mechanisms by which the warming of equatorial Pacific is leading to a deficit rainfall has been discussed in (Diro et al. 2010). The effect of a warm equatorial eastern Pacific (El-Niño) depends on the season of occurrence and the region of Ethiopia. Specifically, El-Niño in the previous winter is associated with excess Kiremt rainfall whereas El-Niño in the contemporaneous Large Scale Features Affecting Ethiopian Rainfall 33 Composite of ONDJ SST based on excess-climatology of zone IIa 90° N 60° N 60° N 30° N 30° N Latitude Latitude Composite of JJAS SST based on excess-climatology of zone IIa 90° N 0° 0° 30° S 30° S 60° S 60° S 90° S 60° E 120° E 180° E 120° W 60° W 90° S 0° 60° E 120° E 180° E 120° W 60° W Longitudes –2 –1 0 0° Longitudes 1 2 –2 –1 0 1 2 Fig.

Diro et al. 4 Large Scale Features Associated with Belg Rainfall Anomalies Belg (FMAM) is the main rainy season for the southern part of Ethiopia (Zone V) and is the short rainy season for the rest of the country except for the northwest (Zone I). Zone I is dry for this time of the year. The large scale features associated with excess and deficit rainfalls during the Belg season will be discussed in the following section. From previous studies, the large scale features which affect Belg rains are the ITCZ, Subtropical westerly jet streams, Arabian High, NAO and the frequency of tropical cyclones over the southwest Indian Ocean.

1 level • ENSO: for the contemporaneous season deficit rains in all zones (except Zone V) are associated with El-Niño. However, the influence of a previous winter El-Niño in the following Kiremt is opposite between Zone I and the rest of the regions as shown in Fig. 16. • There is an opposite pattern between Zone IIb and Zone IV in terms of geopotential height (Fig. 19). A positive geopotential height anomaly over central Africa is associated with deficit rains of Zone IIb and excess rains of Zone IV.

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