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By Steve, C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps

The writer is a professional in RF amplifiers. during this e-book he expands upon the tips provided in his prior e-book which used to be a top vendor.

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The characteristics which have inherent odd degree nonlinearities always cross over the boundary formed by the dogleg. The linearity zone, thus defined, would appear to be a viable and realistic target for device development. 11 has some interesting implications for the future of RF power bipolars. 4. FETs, however, do not fare so well in this analysis. An FET will usually display a closer approximation to a dogleg characteristic; this is a natural outcome of their modus operandi, coupled with some misdirected beliefs on the part of manufacturers as to what constitutes a “good” device characteristic.

But the Doherty-Lite approach gives some more modest benefits whilst retaining a viable and simple practical circuit. 10 shows the peaking current and efficiency characteristics for three bias settings of the peaking device. 9 “Doherty-Lite” PA using same device type for main and peaking functions. (Unlabeled dotted line is conventional Class B efficiency, for comparison. 1. Zo is adjusted in each case. Dotted line shows conventional Class B efficiency characteristic. 3; this gives less efficiency improvement in the upper drive range, but quite substantial improvements in the −10-dB backoff region, in comparison to a conventional Class B arrangement.

The power contribution of the peaking device will also be greater as the breakpoint is set to lower PBO values. At this point, we seem to have a configuration which is sufficiently viable in a practical sense, to run a full scale simulation using “real” device models. 11 shows such a simulation, where the main and peaking devices are identical, but the main device has been optimized for a reasonable efficiency/linearity compromise. The peaking device is biased so that it becomes active at about the −10-dB backoff point.

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