Download Actes d'Iviron, tome 2: du milieu du XIe siècle à 1204 by Monē Ivērōn (Athos, Greece), Jacques Lefort, Nicolas PDF

By Monē Ivērōn (Athos, Greece), Jacques Lefort, Nicolas Oikonomidès, Denise Papachryssanthou

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This existence is analogous to that of the 6XILVLGHQWLILHGE\WKHPDVWKH³XQLRQZLWK*RG´³:KHQDQDWWHPSW is made to define the state of union [with God] closely, the most that can be done is to divest it of all the limitations which condition existHQFH6XFKOLPLWDWLRQVKDYHRQO\DVRUWRIµQHJDWLYHUHDOLW\¶ZKHUHDV LQWKHVWDWHRIXQLRQRQO\SRVLWLYHUHDOLW\LH*RGUHPDLQV´ &KLWWick 76). According to scholars Arasteh and Sheikh, one of the dreams of the Sufis, as voiced by Rumi, was to bring an ecumenical parity to all religions by closing the mental differences that fed the needs of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities.

She was the founder, president, and a notorious member of a whole series of political and cultural European institutions, as well as a professional diplomat representing Romania in Paris at the Institut pour la Coopération Intellectuelle and in Geneva at the Société des Nations. Forerunner of our times as a (proto)feminist, Vacaresco founded in Paris the study circle La )HPPH HW O¶XQLYHUV, and was a jury member for the literary award, Femina. In no way disconcerted by her Romanian origins, this born orator and internationally acclaimed lecturer was convinced that the visibility of Romania beyond its borders needed to be enhanced by all available means.

Ionesco, Eugène. Present Past, Past Present: A Personal Memoir. Trans. Helen R. Lane. New York: Grove Press, 1971. ´Representations 26 (1989): 7±25. Roman, Andrea. Le populisme Quarante-Huitard dans les Principautés Roumaines. Bucharest: Les Éditions de la Fondation Culturelle Roumaine, 1999. Spiridon, Monica. Les dilemmes de l¶identité au confins de l¶Europe: Le cas roumain. 3DULV/¶+DUPDWWDQ Tzara, Tristan. First Poems. Trans. Michael Impey and Brian Swan. Berkeley: New Rivers Press, 1976.

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