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By Sylvia Browne

INCLUDES the whole textual content of Sylvia’s bestsellers ADVENTURES OF A PSYCHIC and IF you'll SEE WHAT I SEE . . .AND an all-new volume: ACCEPTING THE PSYCHIC TORCH

SYLVIA BROWNE: ACCEPTING THE PSYCHIC TORCH is a brand-new anthology that comprises the complete textual content of 2 of Sylvia’s best-selling books: the landmark Adventures of a Psychic, which info how a bit lady from Kansas urban, Missouri, found her presents and used to be then led on a decades-long trip to finally turn into “one of America’s so much profitable clairvoyants”; and If you'll See What I See, a guide on spirituality that also is jam-packed with anecdotes from Sylvia’s lifestyles, either prior to and after she grew to become a world-famous medium who spends her time writing, lecturing, and showing on TV.
     Yet this quantity additionally includes a certain deal with: an all-new paintings from Sylvia! Titled Accepting the Psychic Torch, it makes a speciality of the enormously particular courting Sylvia had along with her loved psychic grandmother, Ada Coil. Drawing on her adored thoughts, in addition to Grandma Ada’s a variety of letters—many of that are reprinted in those pages—Sylvia offers us a wealthy portrait of a blessed soul who helped such a lot of. She additionally delves into her personal early life and teen years as by no means earlier than, as she relates how her expensive grandmother not just grew to become her mentor, yet was once certainly the mummy she by no means rather had. this can be the booklet Sylvia’s lovers were begging her to write down . . . and it doesn’t disappoint!

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Then ask God not to show them to you,” Ada advised. ” The young Sylvia did a lot of praying. The hideous visions have never returned. Tall, stately, and dominant, Ada Coil was a true mentor, providing both practical solace for this world and a magic thread to guide Sylvia through the dark labyrinth of the other. A German from the noble Rhine family of von Banica, she had taken the name Coil from her Irish husband. She was a devout Episcopalian, but always a pragmatist. The Shoemaker family was divided.

On the forehead of his baby daughter, centered just above her two great brown eyes, was a tiny drop of blood. It looked for all the world like the mysterious third eye—the all-seeing orb of the prophet. Sylvia has come to believe that everyone is psychic, but most people remain unaware of their own extrasensory abilities. It’s possible that the presence of a caul may be a reminder to those whose lives will require a greater use of their gift. For Sylvia, the ancient sign was prophetic. She seems never to have known what it was like not to be psychic.

A far more important event occurred when Sylvia was four. Early one morning, hearing her postman father depart for his early-morning mail route, Sylvia trotted into her parents’ room and climbed into bed beside her mother. Suddenly, as the tiny child glanced randomly at the ceiling, it burst open before her eyes. High above her was a glorious sunrise, with streaks of cerise, gold, hot pink, and purple against the somber dawn. Soaring across this grand panorama was a flock of wild birds in a V-formation.

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