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By Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The hunt to discover the hidden origins of Christianity and detect its precise message has turn into a present subject of fascination for plenty of readers. everyone is desirous to understand the truths in the back of the biblical legends and the mysteries that created Christian rites, ceremonies, and codes of habit. Kuhn argues that the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity don't painting old truths, yet symbolic and mystical metaphors. The religious fact encoded in scripture, says Kuhn, is much extra vital than its literal narrative. Kuhn's examine presents a transparent figuring out of the allegorical interpretations of the scriptures and their value to a deeper, extra profound Christianity. He lines the historic and philosophical origins of Christian inspiration to demonstrate that Jesus was once one of the incarnations of an everlasting archetype that has surfaced in lots of religions. in truth, those that wrote the scriptures could have by no means even meant the focal point to be on Jesus, the guy. furthermore, Kuhn investigates the issues (psychological, non secular, and differently) that outcome from a only historic interpretation of Jesus. In doing so, Kuhn reclaims the magical energy on the center of Christianity's message, which has to do with the "birth" of the interior Christ and the emergence of divine awareness in humanity.

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The fate of half the world for the ensuing two thousand years hinged on the issue as to which of these two interpretations would prevail and win acceptance. The victory went to man-God conception over that of the God-in-man. Christianity has the distinction of being the first of the world's great religions to make the Sonship of the Supreme Deity a man born on this infinitesimal speck of star dust which is our earth. Other systems had their images, their idols and their representations of the Supreme, but except in those cases where ignorance of worshippers led to the confusion of the image with its invisible spiritual substance, nowhere was the idol held to be more than a form designed to draw men's minds and hearts toward a deeper reality.

In the first and second centuries, Christian leaders like Justin Martyr were very ready to contend that the fundamentals of the new religion did not contravene pagan systematics. But the third century brought a drastic reversal of policy and all things pagan were declared anathema. If Christianity wishes to hold its place in the growing community of religions, it must drop its claim to a unique and exclusive status, and admit its fellowship with other faiths in a common origin. Growing familiarity in the west with the Scriptures of the five or six major world religions clearly reveals that their doctrines and rituals represent cultural modifications that dramatize the same basic conceptions of the relation of man to God and the universe.

But this position is rejected by Christianity, for if it renders Jesus divine, so does it all men equally. Another ancient tradition predicted the unfoldment for all men of the divine life latent within them. Christianity asserted, however, that Jesus came to earth in the full glory of his divinity. As Jung sees it, the founders of Christianity believed that no presentation of the drama portraying the allegorical "death" of the soul in its incarnation in matter and its subsequent "resurrection" at each cycle's end could exert psychological catharsis potent enough for the human spirit unless and until the very creator of the cosmos himself came down, put on mortal flesh, and ritually dramatized the spiritual reality by going through the pageant in his physical body.

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