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By Cyril Fagan

The fundamental textbook of the Western Sidereal tuition of astrology

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What it would be like if one could really enter into the mind and being of another person’ (Letter of Oct. 12, 1917; qtd. in McCarthy). This of course is the territory of theory of mind. Near the beginning of Star Maker after leaving this ‘sick world’ behind him (11–12), the protagonist boldly sets out ‘... to discover what part of life and mind were actually playing among the stars’ (emphasis added; 23). Through some sort of mental, rather than physical propulsion, he becomes a kind of disembodied intergalactic traveler, and for the first ‘other’ world that he reaches he coins the term ‘Other Earth,’ an appropriate label because of all the worlds that he will visit ‘Other Earth’ is surely the one that most closely resembles our own.

Thus, Stapledon’s narrator says, And though there was love, there was also hate comprised within the spirit’s temper, for there was cruel delight in the contemplation of every horror, and glee in the downfall of the virtuous. All passions, it seemed, were comprised within the spirit’s temper; but mastered, icily gripped within the cold, clear, crystal ecstasy of contemplation. (256) Passages like this can help us understand why C. S. Lewis would have felt such discomfort while reading Stapeldon’s Star Maker, erroneously dismissing the book as ‘sheer devil-worship’ (Letter to Arthur C.

In some cases the traveler/narrator find races that are at war, generally with a different species. In one instance A claims that ‘ ... we [himself and Bvalltu], telepathic visitors from regions remote in time and space, could communicate with these warring hosts more easily than one host could communicate with another’ (120). If we think of the warring factions as C1 and C2, we can imagine A and B, especially as their own minds expand as a result of accumulated knowledge of different species and worlds already encountered, as able to first mind read and the mediate and telepathically reduce tension.

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