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By Staff of Newsweek, Evan Thomas

In response to in-depth reporting through a unique crew of Newsweek newshounds and written by way of bestselling writer Evan Thomas, A very long time Coming tells the interior tale of Barack Obama’s conquer Senator John McCain to develop into the 1st African-American U.S. president. In juicy element, it chronicles the lengthy siege among Obama and Hillary Clinton, the wild trip of John McCain, and the explosive arrival of Sarah Palin. eventually, it exhibits how Obama overcame occasions of vexation and self-doubt to remodel himself from the consummate outsider to the convinced chief of an unstoppable political movement—one that introduced wish and the potential of redemption to the us.

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He could feel the crowd’s energy. “I’m not running to be vice president! ” They were like old friends now, Obama and the crowd . . this was fun! But then Obama got carried away with himself and violated a cardinal rule of braggadocio in the black community: don’t get too high and mighty. “I was doing just fine before I started running for president! ” In an instant the crowd went quiet—and that should have been his cue . . but Obama plowed ahead. ” A lone shout went up from the audience. “I already sold a lot of books!

By the time most Americans were arriving at work, Wolfson had put out a statement calling on Obama to denounce Geffen’s statement and return the money from the fundraiser. The Obama war room responded with a not-so-subtle crack about selling the Lincoln Bedroom in the Bill Clinton administration. The Clintonites were delighted—as they saw it, the Obama team had taken the bait and fallen into a trap. Wolfson issued a press release: “OBAMA EMBRACES SLASH & BURN POLITICS: By refusing to disavow the personal attacks .

Jarrett knew that he had not been able to keep his promises to Michelle about getting home to see her and the kids, and that the strain was starting to show. M. on Jan. 3, 2008, the night of the Iowa caucuses, Obama, Jarrett and Plouffe drove to one of the canvass locations, a large high school in Des Moines. The parking lot was packed. The three of them just looked at each other, Jarrett recalled. The crowd, mostly white, many wearing Obama T shirts, swirled around them. Obama thanked a young Asian boy for coming out to vote—it was his first election—and when Obama turned away, Jarrett noticed that there were tears streaming down the boy’s face.

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